Clarion Call Show – Dr. June Knight & Guest Jimmy Satterwhite “Ecumenical Movement & Course in Miracles – New Age”

Dr. June Knight


We are the Bride Ministries

Host – The  Clarion Call Show

Watchman on the Wall


Originally aired on Facebook – February 13, 2018 – Dr. June interviewed Apologist Jimmy Satterwhite of Porter, Texas about the Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman . He explains how this is New Age and infiltrating the church. We are educating the Bride on how to recognize this teaching. Why is this teaching dangerous? Well, according to Jimmy, “It teaches that Jesus was a cosmic Christ and he inhabits different people at different times. It teaches that he was here to show us how divine we are and not how divine he was. In other words, it tries to make people feel like they’re gods themselves. It’s very humanistic and filled with New Age principals.” Jimmy also explains how this is all tied to Oprah. For more about Jimmy and his ministry – Out Loud Ministries, go to his Facebook Page here.

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